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Why Park One Apartments in Sydney Offer Superior Living Living in any of the great-quality Park One Sydney apartments can never be a regrettable choice. Life in an apartment here brings you to the center of the prosperous Macquarie Park area, and it places you very close to the Sydney CBD. All your lifestyle choices are more than catered to when you relocate here, and below is why: The presence of superb public transport is a major source of the comforts of residing within Park One. This location is well served with multiple train stations–you can just walk to a terminus and enjoy the convenience of commuting to and from your work or business place. Shopping here is no headache either. You don’t need a car to reach the Macquarie Shopping Center. While here, there’s nothing you can’t do, including checking out global brands, buying fresh groceries, and watching a movie.
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The apartments here are served with well-maintained exterior living spaces. There’s sufficient park area and a broad range of gardens with great views and great relaxing atmosphere. The entire Park One landscaping has been designed extra-ordinarily.
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These apartments take security very seriously. An example of an important security provision is intercom access which ensures that anyone coming to your apartment is seen and heard prior to being granted entry. Basement parking and storage is also well secured. This location is great for starting a family as your children can attend some excellent schooling. There are a number of prestigious schools, and don’t forget that this is the home of the world-class Macquarie Park University. When you’re living in Park One, you know that you can access all the natural recreational parks Sydney offers. For instance, there’s Lane Cove National Park within close proximity to where you live, and which is ideal for a day out for you and your family. There’s a lot of fun activities you can enjoy at the park, including watching birds, historic site exploration, and picnic sites. You could also try the heritage walk if you’re in for multi-day hikes, and enjoy some dramatic scenery across Sydney. You may be new here, but there’s already a well-established community, so you’ll enjoy great company. Although Park On still has new apartments, it’s been around for a while, so you’ll make new friends very quickly once you settle in. Park One Sydney apartments are outstanding in terms of their construction as well as their location and the kind of living they can offer you and your family. All you’ve got to do now is pick an apartment that suits your specific requirements, such as a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartment.